Insult me? I’ll just sue you!

So, you think that people today dis one another? Well, back in 1798 people were insulting one another, too! And thanks to the Knox County Public Library, located at 502 North Seventh Street, Vincennes, court documents, like this summons, have been digitized so that anyone with access to the Internet can find such historical papers.

According to the description accompanying this document, “[This was a] civil court case in which Jossette Chabbotte charges Francois Loignon with slander and defamation. Chabbotte was suing for $500 in damages. The plaintiff's attorney stated that full satisfaction was received and requested that the case be dismissed. ”

To view this summons more closely, click here. To view other court records on the Wabash Valley Visions & Voices website, click here.

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