A New Year’s wish for Eugene V. Debs

“This is one of the times of the year when we remember our friends and of course you belong in that large family circle. We all wish you a merry Xmas and as happy a new year as you are able to enjoy under the circumstances and we all hope that the new year will greet you with liberty,” wrote Mr. and Mrs. William Hilsdorf in a letter to Eugene V. Debs on Dec. 14, 1920.

This letter noted that Mr. and Mrs. Hilsdorf would send Debs fruitcake, candy, nuts, apples and a box of cigars. To view this letter more closely, click here.

This letter is a part of the of Special Collections Department at Indiana State University, Terre Haute. For more information on Debs, visit the Eugene V. Debs Collection on Wabash Valley Visions & Voices (WV3) as well as the Eugene V. Debs Museum collection. This museum is located on the campus of ISU, 451 North 8th Street.


‘Oh, the weather outside is frightful’

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. …” Perhaps this is one of the songs that the Sullivan (Indiana) High School singers sang in 1966 when they were taping a Christmas show at television station WTWO. This photograph is part of the Harry Jarrett Collection of the Sullivan County Library, 100 S. Crowder Street. To view a larger image of this photo, click here.

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Season’s greetings!

Ah, nothing uplifts one’s spirits like a Christmas card with a cute baby on the front! This undated Christmas greeting came from the family of Larry, Linda and Tuesday Curtis. It is now part of the Christmas card collection of the Vigo County Historical Society, located at 1411 S. 6th Street, Terre Haute, Ind.

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College life 1939 style

Ah, the joys of college dormitory life! This 1939 photograph shows a women’s dormitory room on the campus of Indiana State Teachers College, now known as Indiana State University. Taken by a photographer at Martin’s Photo Shop, this image was probably used in recruiting tools. And just like students today, there always has to be one student who is constantly preening herself! To view this photograph more closely, click here.

This photograph is just one of the many holdings of the Indiana State University Archives, 650 Eagle Street in Terre Haute. To view more images from the ISU Archives, click here.