Boo! Did I scare you?

“One of the most enjoyable affairs of the term was a Halloween party at the house of Miss Gertrude McComb, 1410 South Third street, on Oct. 13. The early part of the evening was spent in music and story telling. At 10:00 o’clock the guests were seated in the dining room. The place cards were hand painted and the names of the guests were written backward. On the opposite side of the card was a verse, which told where the fortune of each person was hidden in the house. Lighted green candles were placed on each plate and over the flame marshmallows were toasted.”

This was the description of Halloween 1914 style. The entry was recorded in the October 1914 issue of “The Normal Advance,” a magazine “devoted to the interests of the Indiana State Normal School” in Terre Haute, Ind. This monthly journal was written and published by students and faculty. Today, these journals are housed in the Indiana State University Archives, 650 Eagle Street.

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