A New Year’s wish for Eugene V. Debs

“This is one of the times of the year when we remember our friends and of course you belong in that large family circle. We all wish you a merry Xmas and as happy a new year as you are able to enjoy under the circumstances and we all hope that the new year will greet you with liberty,” wrote Mr. and Mrs. William Hilsdorf in a letter to Eugene V. Debs on Dec. 14, 1920.

This letter noted that Mr. and Mrs. Hilsdorf would send Debs fruitcake, candy, nuts, apples and a box of cigars. To view this letter more closely, click here.

This letter is a part of the of Special Collections Department at Indiana State University, Terre Haute. For more information on Debs, visit the Eugene V. Debs Collection on Wabash Valley Visions & Voices (WV3) as well as the Eugene V. Debs Museum collection. This museum is located on the campus of ISU, 451 North 8th Street.

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