An early version of eHarmony?

“The Inter-dormitory Council provides social organization for men living on campus. During the fall the I.D.C. sponsored a Computer Dance in conjunction with Saint Mary of the Woods, featuring date selection by computer correlation of personal data questionnaires. The Council sponsored mixers with four I.S.U. coed dorms and semi-formal Christmas and Valentine dances were given in the Hulman Memorial Union.”

This was an entry on page 60 of the 1967 issue of Modulus, the official yearbook of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (then called Rose Polytechnic Institute). Modulus is available online here. To view more closely this particular page, click here.

The Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Logan Library is one of many Wabash Valley Visions & Voices partners. To view Rose-Hulman’s WV3 collection, visit here.

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