‘On the eve of a great battle’

“My dear Mother:

“On the eve of a great battle I have a few minutes, and with my saddle as a desk, will write a few words to the loved ones at home.

“General Hill of the rebel army has crossed the Potomac about this point and is marching upon the capital with a large army. Our forces are detailed to give him battle on all points of our position.”

So begins an 1863 letter from John Blinn to his mother in Terre Haute, Ind.

Blinn continues:

“What ever may be my fate in the coming contest you may rely with confidence in the persuasion that it will be one of which my friends and family may not feel dishonored.

“Should I be spared again to fight under the same glorious banner for which I have fought, it will be with God’s will. If I should fall, remember that I died in a cause for which many have died. Let His will, whose knowledge surpasseth all understanding, be done.”

This letter is part of the collection of the Vigo County Historical Society in the Indiana Civil War Sesquicentennial Project. See more documents and artifacts in the Vigo County Historical Society’s collection.

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