Video explores Civil War service of Sisters of Providence

Mother Mary Cecilia Bailly, general superior from 1856 to 1868

Shortly after the firing on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, Oliver Perry Morton, Indiana governor, asked for the assistance of the Sisters of Providence in the administration of City Hospital in Indianapolis. After inspecting the facility, Mother Mary Cecilia Bailly, general superior of the Congregation, agreed to send sisters to what would become known as Military Hospital.

A new video illustrates how the sisters responded to this call for nurses. First of all, the hospital was in terrible disarray. According to the Community diary of the Congregation, “They [the sisters] found the new hospital in a miserable state of filth and disorder, and the sick in a wretched condition. The Sisters labored very hard to put the hospital in proper condition; their exertions were crowned with the greatest success. The change they soon effected in making it a clean, comfortable house for the sick soldiers, filled the people with admiration and inspired great confidence in them.”

Learn more about the heroic service of the Sisters of Providence during the Civil War on the Congregation’s website for fourth- through eighth-grade students, WoodsUp.

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