Mischievous little pixies

Don’t you just love to look at photos of children being forced to “like” one another? Can’t you just hear family members saying, “Nadine, give your sister, Phyllis, a big hug! Phyllis, act like you love your sister!” This late 1920s photograph is from the private collection of Betty Wilderman Lowe, Terre Haute, Indiana.

This 1931 photograph from the private collection of Lisa Lowe Yowell, Terre Haute, Indiana, puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. These smiles look so genuine. I don’t think anyone needed to force these reactions. Baby Betty June Wilderman looks like a mischievous little pixie, and young Barbara Lee Wilderman looks like she thinking, “Oh, here we go again! Little Betty June is starting something again!”

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