Protesting against saloons

Demonstrations have always been an important part of the political culture of the United States. Large cities and small towns have been the sites of various protest movements. In the early 1900s, the town square in Sullivan, Indiana, was the site for a temperance movement demonstration as illustrated in the photograph above.

Look closely at the photograph. First of all it’s interesting because it’s a panoramic image. In the photo you’ll find people playing the drums, trumpets or coronets and perhaps even a clarinet. The large banner reads, “We Protest Against the Saloon.” Take a look at how the people are attired. Like people of today, some are active participants and others are observers, sitting on the curb around the square. The square is beautifully manicured and the street lamp is gorgeous.

This photo is part of the Sullivan County Public Library collection. The library is located at 100 South Crowder in Sullivan.

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