Now that’s a lot of mussel shells!

The photo above is incredible. While there is no date to accompany this image, there was the following description: “View of 29 tons of mussel shells lying next to the railroad tracks.” Twenty-nine TONS! This photograph is part of the collection of the Sullivan County Public Library in Sullivan, Indiana.

The above undated photograph shows two men taking a break from their work with mussel shells. This photo is part of the collection of the Sullivan County Historical Society. These old photographs show an amazing amount of mussel shells.

Just so you don’t get into trouble with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, please don’t collect mussel shells from public waters. Here’s what the DNR’s website says about this: “It is illegal to collect or take live or dead mussel shells from public waters. A ban on harvesting shells has been in effect since 1991 to protect against a rapid decrease in the abundance and distribution of mussels. Please do not disturb living mussels or take dead shells. It is illegal to possess live the following aquatic invasive mussels: Asiatic clam, quagga mussel and zebra mussel.”

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