Would that be a china, bisque or leather doll?

If you like dolls, then you might want to visit the Vigo County Historical Society at 1411 S. 6th St. in Terre Haute, Ind. And if you can’t visit in person, then the historical society’s doll collection on Wabash Valley Visions & Voices is your perfect venue!

Take, for example, the doll at the top of this blog. She is a Civil War vintage china doll. She has a few problems. For instance, part of her shoulder plate missing, but on the whole, she’s a beauty!

The doll above is a black bisque doll manufactured by Simon Halbig (Germany). She’s fully jointed and in great shape.

The doll above proves that any material can be used to make a doll. This particular doll is made of leather. It was made in 1882.

Enjoy this unique collection!

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